Reveal the Mysterious Story of Sambhaji through ‘Chhava’

Chhava, one of the most popular novels in Marathi is written by noted author Shivaji Savant. Chhava is based on the life of Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj, the son of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, legendary Maratha warrior who established a great Maratha empire in the 17th century. The title Chhava (Lion`s Cub) is self-explanatory that reflects a brave-heart and the fighting spirit Sambhaji Maharaj had, that stunned mighty Mughal empire.

Sambhaji Maharaj: An Untold Story

The life of Sambhaji Maharaj was full of hardships, ups, and downs right from his childhood till his tragic and brutal death. Sambhaji, who lost his mother at the time of his birth tried to find the mother`s love in his grandmother Jijabai and Stepmother Soyarabai. He was equally talented in Academic and Political acumen. At the age of 9, he accompanied father Shivaji Maharaj at Agra, where both were trapped and kept under house arrest by Mughal King Aurangzeb. Later Shivaji Maharaj successfully escaped from there paving the way to strengthen his fight against enemies. There are a lot of episodes in the life of Sambhaji Maharaj clearly shows this genius and brave-hearted attitude.

Each Character is unique in Its Own Way:

The Chhava portraits a beautiful relationship between Sambhaji Maharaj and his wife Yesubai who always loved and supported him strongly. The Maratha King with versatile qualities had to spend maximum his life in fighting enemies as well as those from home turf. He never compromised and gave up until the last breath. He was captured and immensely harassed by Aurangzeb to convert to Islam for the sake of mercy. Sambhaji Raje grabbed the death but not surrendered. The Marathas lost their great King but his martyr made them fight against Mughals who ultimately failed to conquer Maratha Empire. Thus, the life of the Sambhaji Maharaj inspired generations for centuries.

A Soulful History Justified by Author and Storyteller

The book is very well written as it brings the story lively in your mind. The author Late Shivaji Sawant is a well-known writer in Marathi, who is also recognized as Mrityunjaykar for writing the well-known Marathi Novel Mrityunjay. He has given a new aspect to the role model of Maratha hero. But his deeds were genuine and so was he.

Chhava, narrated by Mr. Uday Sabnis who is one of the best voiceover artists in India very effectively makes listeners visualize the characters; the sequence of events and the emotions lies therein. For the first time, this iconic novel has been reaching to us in audio media. Certainly, this prompts a listener to experience it in a very effective way, always to remember, never to forget.

This book depicts the story of a person who lived and died fearlessly in the true sense. For those history lovers who had always been keen on exploring the mysterious history, Chhava needs to be heard. Storytel brings you a great platform to enjoy the high-quality audio of Chava book.

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