Three unforgettable stories to celebrate Valentines

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There must have been so many picture barrages that you must be pouring out Social media on the occasion of Valentine’s Day-no matter which site you choose. You are bombarded by Facebook and Instagram with those lovely wishes and so on. But hang on! Who says you are single. For bookish people like us, love is in the air not just on valentine but all days. And if you are planning to actually celebrate 14th February with your Valentines which is a book of course then why don’t you just switch to something extraordinary this time. Wondering what that can be? Well, it is Audiobooks.

If you are planning to go full-speed-ahead with Valentine’s Day then, of course, you need to pick up a good gift. And, if a bookish person like you, know what you will be reading, because Of course! Then you can try out Audiobooks this time. Given below titles about love and life are just so perfect to enjoy this special day.

No Strings attached

No Strings attached is one captivating book that describes how in any relationship respect and trust plays an important role. The book is very well written by Sheila Kumar and narrated by Benaifer Mirza. Not only lead characters, but also the side characters keep you hooked throughout the story. More than a story, the characters keep your interests intact and engage you in the book. The author Sheila Kumar has tried putting all the possible angles of the couple named Samat Pratap Sing and Nina Sabharwal who are deeply in love with each other well aligned.

Ishq Ke Daane

Written by Peeyush Shrivastava and narrated by Karan Singh Rathore and Ratna Saksena; another interesting romantic Hindi book that you need to explore Ishq Ke Daane. Though specifically not romantic in a real sense, this book explores different human emotions when in love. This book is about a woman Ankita, her life is revolved around her husband and kids. But one day she comes across the newspaper in which her ex-boyfriend Uday’s article has come. She starts recalling and what happens next is something you got to hear.

Ti ani Me:

So what happens when a shy introvert boy meets a bold extroverted girl whose thinking doesn’t match with each other at all? But yes, they do fall for each other. Opposites do attract and so did they. ‘Ti Ani Me’ is a story that starts in a college and revolves around some spartanly different people who fall for one another. They don’t confess it to one another until they realize and when they do; their friendship blossoms into something more. Then comes a time when they have to go away from one another. But they don’t exchange their numbers rather what they do is something for which you need to hear out this Audiobook. Explore whether these clueless lovers will find love for one another or not.

So what are you waiting for! Just download the Storytel app on your Smartphone and enjoy this book by listening anywhere and anytime. This definitely will make you fall in love.

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