Best of Audiobooks to Not Miss Out


Audiobooks are trending quite a lot nowadays in book publishing. In the world of digitalization, where everything is going digitalized, there is no doubt that audiobooks concept has become the talk of the town. Right from kids to old age people, everyone has now started adopting this concept and certainly enjoying the same. Whether it is the children’s Audiobooks that you are looking for or any kind of traditional Audiobooks that you wish to hear out this weekend, Storytel brings you wide range of options to make your choice from. To start with, here are some good books that you must check out.

Fifty Shades of Grey

Category: Erotic

Fifty Shades of grey is one superb book. Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson starring film, the Fifty Shades of Grey is already inspired by the original book of the same name written by British author E. L. James and Narrated by BeccaBattoe, this is one of the best novels with incredible pitch-perfect tone. What happens when a young literature student Anastasia Steele goes to interview young entrepreneur Christian Grey.

Frankly Spooking:

Category: Crime

Tales of horror, this familiar but unexpected concept is worth to listen. Frankly, Spooking includes different tales that flashes those horrifying nights which you might have imagined but must not have expected in real life. Be it a quiet classroom or a busy shopping mall, the narrator Alka Sharma has done a fantastic job of telling the stories in that would definitely give you Goosebumps.


Category: Sci-Fi

Written by Mary Shelly and narrated by CadenVaugh, this is one of the best Audiobooks that you can try out at Storytel. It is a story of Victor Frankenstein who is a young scientist that ends up creating accidentally a sapient creature. So what happens next and will e be actually able to deal with the mess created by his own? For this, you would definitely have to keep listening to this book.

No doubt that Audiobooks are booming audibly in the mobile era. In a country like the US, the growth rate of audio is more than any other format. It is simple to use, easy to download and but of course, gives you great quality in terms of listening to your favorite stores. Storytel is an excellent app with the wide range of Audiobooks. As a first time user, you will be surprised to see so many incredible features and amazing Audiobooks by great voiceover artists. Download the app today and enjoy the most refreshing.

With so many categories and a great collection of books, you will certainly not run out of options. So grab your headphones and download the Storytel app today and explore all such interesting books that you might never have got time to read. Hope this Sunday’s plan is all for you. So relax and enjoy hearing out such similar books on Storytel app today.


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