Audiobooks – An emerging industry of Today’s time


The world of digitalization, no doubt that it lead to a lot of transformation over the past few years. Talking of which, it has also transformed the way we read today. As you can see e-book and audiobook concepts are trending quite a lot, there is no doubt that now you can enjoy listening to the stories you read anytime and anywhere that you want. The e-book industry has already a multi-billion dollar venture but the audiobook concept is something that is emerging in today’s time and of course trending quite a lot.

Audiobooks: A New Way to Enjoy Stories

Audiobooks have seen resurgence more especially after iPod came out in the market. This type of conp4rt was present for quite a long time say from the 1870s or so when Thomas Edison actually use to record Nicholas Nickleby by Charles Dickens. The concept was more specifically designed for the visually challenged people who can then enjoy the book. The very first platform of the audiobook was a long-playing (LP) record with 25-minute capacity.

Irresistible Features Worth of Joy:

No doubt that there wasn’t enough of marketing done or the selling made for mass consumption. But now that the concept has come back in action with the full swing, Storytel brings an opportunity for you to enjoy a variety of interesting books be it for kids or for seniors citizens or for busy people like us to enjoy listening to stories never we want.

The best part about such technology is it has evolved each time. Storytel has made the right use of this technically and no doubt it has reached into the hearts of many by now.

No doubt that audiobooks have made a great come back after the 1980s. Storytel brings you the best digital listening technologies for the user to enjoy the modern experience of listening to stories. Of course, audiobooks listeners are the book lovers who embrace different content in a different format. Storytel offers a leisure platform, do multi-task and fill in all the dead out with the productive learning by listening to audiobooks be at the gym or even while commuting to the work or doing household chores.

With quick streaming, audiobooks are heading in the direction of engaging more audience. You can synchronize the books that you want on multiple devices. All you need is an account on the app, select the book that you want to hear, press play and go.

An audiobook is more of a soothing experience. You can listen in bed before sleeping or even in your spare time, enjoy imagining the stories that you listen and stay awake in late nights. The musical tone and the soothing voice of the narrator do give you the most relaxing experience and a moment to enjoy your sometime in the hustle and bustle of the city. Of course, you would not want to miss out this experience at all. So what are you waiting for? Log in to Storytel today and experience the journey of imagination with some interesting Storytel Audiobook.

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