Non-Fiction Audiobooks: A Perfect Choice For Listeners

Now you can experience all your favorite books in a unique way through Storytel audiobooks. Yes! You have heard it right, now you can enjoy the most convenient and enriching platform to hear your favorite stories in the good old-fashioned way but at an audible platform. Whether you love to listen to the novel narrated by the memoir read by a writer or by your favorite narrate, with Storytel audiobooks, you can connect with the subject matter along with the interesting story concept itself.

Just like traditional reading books, an audiobook is also amazing across genres. With Storytel audiobook listening, you can even enjoy those genres that are non-fiction. No doubt that non-fiction is a broad genre and under the bookish umbrella of Storytel, you can find everything right from biographies till memoirs and historical writing. Whether you want to explore a new topic or understand a new language, if you want to get through a difficult reading, Storytel audiobooks are here to help you and enjoy.

Fair Play

The author James M. Olson puts the light on some questions on the real world of intelligence. Besides, the narrator Joel Richards describes even the most difficult dilemmas that field officers face on a routine basis.

There are so many people who always avoid the nonfiction books against the fiction ones claiming that nonfiction can be hard and dull sometimes. But Fair Play is one such book that has managed to give a new definition to this genre. It filled with emotion, excitement and keeps the interesting activities that can keep you interested until the end.

So if you are worrying that a nonfiction book can be quite tedious to understanding, then you can make Fair Play your best friend.

When Breath Becomes Air

Written by Paul Kalanithi and narrated by Sunil Malhotra and Cassandra Campbell, this is the Newyork Times No.1 bestselling. This book is something that you cannot forget even after finishing it. The writer in this book has explained the chronicles Kalanithis transformation from a medical student and his experience on how his life turned out to be meaningful after becoming a neurosurgeon

The narrator has enhanced the story in such an exciting way that simply reading the words on the page is not enough. With interesting tone and audible emphasis, the narrator has turned even the mundane chapter into an engaging story concept that would keep you connected to the story for hours.

The narrators have even pronounced the tough stuff for the reader in such a way that it is extremely easy to understand and understand every information mentioned in the book without the needs of second-guessing to be made

Secrets in the Cellar

Written by John Glatt and Narrated by Gildart Jackson, the book depicts the truth about Josef Fritzl-a 73-year-old retired engineer living in Austria. The book brings a light on the journey of Josef’s family’s captivity, unspeakable crimes, and background that you will definitely enjoy.

The digital trend is more appreciated by the young readers. A secret in the Cellar audiobook even if is nonfiction but it allows them to read above their level in terms of content and style. With this, you can hear new terms and also improvise the vocabulary. While you start learning new subject matters that at the reading level would simply be inaccessible, you can understand every part of it is much manageable manner.

Are you ready to stop reading and start listening? If yes, then Storytel nonfiction audiobooks are here to help you enjoy. Start exploring them all from today. Simply download the app, get the guidance on how to use it and you are all set to enter the world of imagination in the most amazing audible way.

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