Enjoy Stories on the Go with Storytel

We can’t deny the fact that book reading is always the best thing you can do to make yourself calm and enjoy the summer weekend. But now that digital trend has made a great place in the living of people, why don’t we make the best use of the same for enjoying books company as well. Wondering how that is possible? Well, Storytel brings you the best platform to enjoy listening to your favorite stories while doing your other work. The subscription services for audiobook have gained more attention over the past few years due to its mind-blowing concept.

Audiobooks: The Talk of the Town

Needless to say that audiobooks offer a great way for those youth readers to keep up with their curiosity.  With audiobooks, it is possible to do multiple tasking while enjoying listening to your favorite book any time you want. Audiobooks is a cure for the restless mind. Yes, that is correct! You can optimize your routine in a much better way and listen to the book without even getting distracted, as people generally tend to get at the time of reading it. Audiobooks are an incredible way to be more like an all-rounder.

Often people find the thought of picking up the book a quite nerve-racking thing but in case of audio it is more appealing and offers an alternative approach to find a way for countless pages of the story that you would actually be able to experience in all new different way. It is definitely a cherished gift that you can enjoy.

Books that you must not miss out on Storytel:

Stortel brings you a wide range of different genres that will amaze you. You can surf around and check out for the most incredible storyline concepts that are narrated by the experts.  Shallow graves, American Drug Addicts, Wings of a walker, Chava, Diaries of a Wimpy kid, Gaban, Jaae and A trace of Hope to name a few are some of the best books that you shall not miss out once you become a Storytel member.

Storytel brings you the stories on the move. So whether you are commuting to work or you are at the gym, you can listen to stories while doing other work. Just log in or sign up to the app and have the best of your time enjoying this mode of entertainment.

Storytel has the best collection of popular audiobooks that readers have already determined. The titles that you see on the app are the ones that have been listened the most and even commented a lot throughout the year. With more than 7000 books to make the choice on Storytel, you can enjoy listening to best of the collection.

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