Listening to Stories is Always Fun

Introduction to audio books

Most of us, while we were kids, would have heard stories. Usually, there was a granny or a grandpa or an uncle or aunt who would tell them to us. Sometimes the stories made us cry, sometimes they made us laugh. They even taught us how to behave. Remember those stories about the misbehaved boy or girl who got punished – and we were told as a moral that misbehaving is not a good idea and will not be tolerated.

As times changed, we got into a nuclear family culture. The grandparents or extended family uncles and aunts were available on weekends or when they visited during festivals or special occasions. The special art of storytelling became rare and lost in the cultural changes that our society underwent.

Fortunately, with the help of technology, we can still bring back those moments when we can listen to stories. Audiobooks are helping kids of today quench their thirst to hear stories.


Listening to books – a unique concept

Audiobooks have now made old classic novels and modern literature suitable for children of all ages  available to us. Listening to audiobooks is such a unique concept that it can be enjoyed alone whenever you are on the bus or are traveling on a plane. It can also be enjoyed with a group of friends – almost like how all the kids in the locality would gather around your granny to listen to her stories. Thanks to technology we are now able to listen to books in a number of genres and the lists keep on growing every day.


What kind of literature is available?

A quick search on Google will show that a lot of books are now available in this audio format. A classic example is the very popular Harry Potter series which is coming up pretty soon. Fans all over the world will only rejoice to get their ears on the cult classic. Great and successful artist like Stephen Fry will be lending his voice to the Harry Potter audio books. Fans can’t wait till May to get their hands; or shall we say ears onto the series.


Other famous authors who have been prescribed in schools and colleges are also available in audiobooks format for those interested.



Free audiobooks in India


India is a very big market for audio books. The readership of all genres is very high. Many who love the stories but are not able to read them due to time constraints or they are visually challenged will be hugely benefitted by the release of audio books all over the world. India is no different.

Audiobooks will go a long way in making sure the works of many upcoming authors get the required audience. On the other side, the readers will also get the benefits of having access to the information they need or the literature sections they are interested in, on their own personal devices. All in all, this seems like a space to keep a watch on for some game-changing developments in the way people consume written content. With niche players like Storytel offering more than 7000 audio books, it’s the entire library in your phone that is always with you. Listen and enjoy at your convenience.

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