The Audiobook Revolution: That you cant really Deny

With audiobook sales numbers on the rise over the past two years, retailers have been searching for new ways to appeal to wider audiences. So far, the most common trends have been straight-to-audio publications, library digital downloads, abridged audiobooks, and an increase in subscription services.  However, speculation has begun to spread as to whether publishers should repackage audiobooks to be more similar to podcasts, given the format’s latest successes.

Audiobooks are a way for people who were once big readers to keep up with their youthful curiosity. As they find themselves with less leisure time than they had in college, the gym and the car become opportunities to be stimulated.”

Audiobooks are the opportunity to maximize time when that would otherwise be spent in a not explicitly productive way. In other words, audiobooks can fill car rides, workouts or even time spent getting ready in the mornings with entertainment.

Another benefit is that reading is associated with a wider vocabulary, higher intelligence level, and being a generally well-rounded person. The Audio Publishers Association reports, “We find that our users are well educated, well paid, and successful.”

As a former book lover who seeks knowledge and wants to stay well informed on a variety of subjects, audiobooks are the perfect opportunity to maximize growth in my life during my downtime.

“Audiobooks mean we never have to be idle,” Thu-Huong Ha writes. “They’re a cure to widespread restless mind syndrome, with its daily self-imposed nagging to make progress: Be more effective, says your productivity tracker. Do and learn more, says your to-do list. Optimize your to-do list, says your faddish new notebook.”

One can even listen to an audiobook at faster speeds in order to limit distraction in pauses during the reading.

Although there is value to having downtime when the mind can wander, audiobooks are an incredibly convenient way to become more cultured and well-rounded.

As more people begin listening to audiobooks, the search for the best deals for this pricier format has begun.  Audiobook subscription services from major book retailers have become one of the major trends of 2014 as a way to save.

Storytel has tallied up their most popular audiobooks, as determined by readers—the titles that we listened to and commented on most throughout the year. With over 180,000 titles to choose from on Storytel, you’d think the most-listened-to and most-commented-on audiobooks would have a wide range—but it turns out we’re all still listening to Harry Potter more or less on repeat.

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