The Most Popular Works of Rabindranath Tagore


It is said, if you wish to continue to live even after death, it is possible through your work. Through the ideas, thoughts, and books, literature has given us many such immortal legends. Decades after they moved on to their heavenly abode, these legends continue to inspire us through their stories, novels, poems and other literary work.

India has given the world many such authors. Probably, Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore will rank among the top five authors whose works are so good; many of them are relevant even today. We celebrate his birth anniversary on the 7th of May and this is a tribute to this great Noble award-winning artist.

Tagore was not just an author who wrote books, he wrote songs, was a passionate painter and sketcher. Right from the age of 8, he had started writing poems and moved on to short stories followed by novels and other texts as well as songs. It is worth a mention here that he has written three national anthems (India, Bangladesh, and Sri-Lanka)

As a means of paying our respects, we compile the list of top 5 most popular works that Rabindranath Tagore created in the field of literature. 


Without any doubt, the collection of 157 poems on various topics such as spirituality to real-life complexities is his best and most famous work. No wonder then that it won him the Nobel Prize for literature in 1913. 


Tagore wrote more than 2000 songs. They are collectively known as Rabindra Sangeet and are available together as a collection in his works called Gitabitan. The true connoisseurs of Bengali music relish these and it is often heard in traditionally Bengali households today as much as it was played decades ago.

Choker Bali

His novel, literally translated as ‘A grain of sand’ is a story that takes the readers through a complex journey of human relationships depicting honesty, passion, and desires around an extra-marital affair. The novel also got its due respect in the form of a feature-length movie of the same name.


This is Tagore’s longest of the novels he wrote. The issues and topics raised in this are relevant even today though they focus on different social standards in colonial India.


This is a literary classic which captured the attention of the film industry, Bengali as well as Hindi. This is a story about a vendor from Kabul, Afghanistan who is trying to adjust to the hardships of life in Calcutta (Kolkata) and his emotional attachment to the five-year-old daughter of the narrator. Reading the Kabuliwala is sure to leave you heavy and emotional.

How many of these can you tick as read completely? Can you share your thoughts on what you feel about any of them? Would you like to add to the list, because this is by no means the top five? The works of great people appeal to every individual differently and hence your list of top five may be completely different than what we have here.

Reading great literature and trying to implement the lessons into our lives is a way we can pay our tributes to these legends.


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