Why India Loves Harry Potter


The Boy Who Lived

In 1997 the world read a book about a boy who lived. What was so special about it you ask? 

At the beginning of the series, Harry Potter had never even heard of Hogwarts and we as readers discovered the magic of the wizarding world at the same time as Harry.   

Whether you’ve lost count how many times you’ve read these stories and now want to revisit the stories again, or if you’ve missed out on Harry’s adventures in wizarding world and are discovering these books for the first time – you can now follow Harry Potter and his friends through their seven years at Hogwarts through the Harry Potter audiobooks. 

When the books were first released, Indian fans loved each adventure and thousands became instant fans. And with every book that followed, people from many Indian cities lined up outside bookstores, the night before to get their first copy of the books. These stories enchanted the minds of all ages, some kids grew up reading these books and some grownups became kids reading them. 

If you weren’t able to read the books when they were first released, it’s now easier than ever to discover the stories and make listening to these audiobooks part of your daily routine. 

A golden opportunity is now on the horizon as the Harry Potter books will be available in audiobook format in India. Imagine listening to the fight of good over evil, Dumbledore’s Army taking on the Death Eaters and their dark arts. All of this, in the great voice of Stephen Fry, the artist, comedian and star from the comedy act ‘Fry and Laurie’.

Get ready to listen to the story of magic and the importance of love – an emotion that is known to enable people to do selfless acts that save lives and change destinies. The books will be released and will be available on the Storytel platform soon.

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