10 Must Listen to Books about Travel

Travel books Image collage

We guarantee you will plan a trip of your own if you have listened to any or all of these books

Every time you travel or take a road trip, you are experiencing something unique. Even if you are going to the same place or retracing someone’s steps, the experience is unique because it is your own perspective. If you write about it or can tell the story, people will be able to see the world as you see it. They will be able to experience the journey albeit from a second person perspective.

There is now a new breed of travelers, those who travel all around the year and document it. Some reach extreme levels of fame while some though really entertaining don’t make the cut. Listening to stories of adventures and travels and the individual experiences can be entertaining as well as inspiring.

Here we curate a list of books that have something to with the road – actual travel, philosophy, biography, fiction as well as non-fiction audiobooks that will give you the required inspiration to take that road trip. It will also help you prep up if you are going to travel soon.

  1. NPR Road Trips: Postcards from Around the Globe – This is a non-fiction travel story of Colin Angus and Julie Wafael, who spent two years circumnavigating the globe on their feet. As the name suggests, it takes the listener on a journey that describes the world cultures as the correspondents of NPR report from all the places they visit and the people they meet.
  1. The Old North Road – A thriller that will leave you hooked on to it. Author Paul Finch has captured the countryside really well. A must listen to the lovers of suspense and thriller stories.
  1. Books of RoadsNon-fiction book on travel(travel provides what his mentor Joseph Campbell called “the key to the realm of the muses.” author of the bestselling travel book The Art of Pilgrimage,)
  1. Legend of the road Mangler Biography with travel experience shared (In the Legend of the Road Mangler, Kaufman tells the stories of his adventures on the road with the Rolling Stones…)
  1. Further Along the road less traveled –  Personal Development (Further Along the Road Less Traveled takes the lectures of Dr. Peck and presents his profound insights into the issues that confront and challenge all of us today)
  1. The white road – BIOGRAPHY  – The renowned ceramicist’s elegant, even spiritual account of his pilgrimage to the three most important sites in the history of porcelain – Jingzedhen in China, Nazi Dresden and Cornwall is a great story to listen to before going on a trip yourself.
  1. Road Trip with Max and his Mom – Third-grader Max is heading off on a road trip with his Mom. With miles to travel, cousins to meet, and a tall roller coaster to ride (maybe), it will be an adventure!
  1. The road to happiness is always under construction– It is a great non-fiction, biography (To celebrate her 75th birthday, Linda Gray, the iconic star of Dallasand timeless beauty, is sharing her road map to happiness in her revelatory memoir)
  1. The Road Home – a non-fiction short story which takes you along with the protagonist accompanying him on his journey from his hometown in mid-Europe to London in search of work and to earn money to support his family.
  1. Safarnama – This is a Storytel original. A beautiful #travelstory is about to release only on #Storytel. Simon and Indira embark upon a #journeyfrom London to India, by road, in their brand new #BMW, through all the countries that Simon’s father had travelled from India to London with his Master’s family in 1947. What makes it interesting? The journey is a long one of 20,000 Km, covers 19 Countries, and takes 120 Days to finish in a BMW car.

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