The power of silence in listening

silence books Image bannerIt is interesting that the word ‘silent’ has the same words as the word ‘listen’

The age-old saying also corroborates a deeper meaning – “Speech is Silver but Silence is Golden”

What then can be a better way to discover the power of silence than to listen to powerful words and knowledge shared through books such as:

  • Silence in the age of noise
  • In pursuit of silence
  • The other side of silence

Have you ever felt the need to zone out of the chaos and the noises that you hear on a daily basis? This happens especially if there are children at home because school is closed for summer.

When the din of the house built in the neighbourhood and the kids combined drives you to a state of mind that needs peace and calm, we recommend picking up your favourite audiobook and listen to it to enjoy the silent bliss.

You can get this same experience on a bus or on a train when there is a lot of activity around you that can distract you to the maximum. In all such situations, it is critical to bring your focus back to what you are doing, be it trying to rest or simply enjoying a book. Reading in this kind of situations can be really challenging and can be counterproductive to whatever you started off – be it relaxing or be it trying to finish that mystery whodunit thriller.

Having the option to zone out of everything and just listen to your favourite book and that too in the voice of a celebrity can be an unparalleled experience.

The next time you set off on a long journey or have to find your Zen in the middle of a noisy environment, keep these books handy in your mobile and you can thank us whenever you feel like.

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