MANSION HOUSE: A room full of clues

MANSION HOUSE: A room full of clues
Dust that never settles
Inside cracked walls, I see faces
No matter how much I cement those walls
The crack persists
And the faces appear every single night
They are horrifying
The intricate patterns that looked creative at one time
The deeper I gazed, the patterns I tried to understand
More puzzled I felt
I am trapped down in here
The crossword clues that are difficult to solve
And the fear what if I Solve?
What then?
The unanswered prayers
It’s like incomplete pyramids
When you make your way to the pyramid of Unas
And stand inside the chambers which lie beneath the massive mound of earth
The room decorated with intricate patterns of paintwork
From all directions, it looks the same
If it’s delusion or cryptic colouration
Like monarch butterflies using bright colours and distinctive dull patterns to avoid predators, not being a desirable prey
But as the disguise is unmasked
The time is perfect
The toxic within them they possess while feeding on milkweed plants when they were young
Can kill us all
The same dust lies inside the Mansion House
Has been there since the year of 1975
It never settles down
And this time it will kill us all
You see those holes in the wall
Gloomy staircases and silhouetted shadows
Hear those footsteps on the stairs intently
Burning smells and the house that is always in shadows even in the broad daylight
And locked are those rooms
As was the pandora’s box
The deeper you dig
The more doodles that you draw as you kill time
The ghastly experiences you are going to witness.

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