The Art of Not Breathing


What you are about to read is not going to teach you the art of staying alive without breathing. If you stop breathing even for a few seconds, chemical discharges and changes in the body start its own course of fighting to conserve energy and oxygen in the blood.

After all, life is defined as the difference between breathing or not.

Author Sarah Alexander has used the very essence of life – breath as a theme in her thriller book – The

Art of Not Breathing

For those who like a short four to five hour listening time gripping tale that keeps you guessing more, this is an audiobook that must be on your mobile device for you to enjoy anytime. We guarantee you will want to finish it in one stretch of listening.

The author portrays beautifully the different states of mind and the challenges that the story’s main character, Elsie goes through after she loses her twin brother in a drowning accident at the beach. Somehow, she just cannot come to terms with the fact that her brother’s body is missing and believes that the secret to what has happened on that fateful day lies at the bottom of the sea. On her quest to find some answers, she meets a few other characters who help her in her challenging journey.

Elsie, the main character believes that her father hates her for being irresponsible and he thinks that it is entirely her fault that Eddie, her twin brother is no longer with them.

How does she deal with this and how does the family cope up with this life-changing situation? Do they come out winners or does Elsie go down the spiral of blame and self-pity? Download this gripping thriller and have a good time listening.

Keep breathing…!

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