Gymnastics Ka Deep, Dipa Karmakar

Listen to the story of the great athlete who has represented India at the International level in a primarily Russian dominated sport such as Gymnastics.

Over many years, India has made its mark in a number of areas. Gymnastics was a sport that did not see a lot of Indian athletes competing. Even if they did, the facilities and the right kind of coaching was absent as was evident from our performance at International sports events such as the Common Wealth Games and the Olympics.

One bright star, a shining light from Agartala, Tripura a northeastern state of India – Dipa Karmakar began her athletic journey at the age of six. Overcoming challenges of having a flat foot (considered as a big negative in gymnastics) through extensive training and determination ensured that India got a true sportswoman in the form of Dipa Karmakar.

In her career so far, Dipa won a number of medals and awards. However, the highest point of her career was her representation of India in the Vault Gymnastics event at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Dipa is one of the five women in the history of gymnastics who have successfully landed the Produnova vault. It is the toughest vault performed in gymnastics and Dipa has it under her name as a successful attempt.

Listen to this athlete’s inspiring tale and feel proud to be an Indian.

These and other stories of sportswomen in Skiing, Weightlifting and Wrestling will leave you inspired and in awe at the efforts and the training these athletes have gone through to reach where they are at the moment.

India is sporting a new breed of sportsmen and women who will get glory to all.

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