A gripping thriller with unexpected twists and turns

An award-winning audiobook that has all the twists and turns of an intense psychological thriller, The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins is must have in your audiobook collection.

When a book remains at the number one spot on the top-selling books in the UK for 20 weeks in a row, you can rest assured it is worth its salt. The gripping tale of love, extramarital affairs, cheating and broken relationships tells a tale of three women who are connected to each other in the story. Each of them has their own perspectives and point of view.

The main character, Rachel is alcoholic and is trying to come to terms with a broken marriage and divorce. She keeps traveling to London on a train and sees her ex-husbands house while the train passes a particular part each day. She also notices another house close by where a couple (Scott and Megan) that could not have been more perfect lives. What Rachel sees one day, changes everything and from here begins her challenge to quit her alcohol addiction and binge drinking.

The character of Rachel is unique in that she is jealous of the other women who is now with her husband. And when she sees that the seemingly perfect couple (Scott and Megan) from the other house is far from that, when she sees the woman with another man, she seems to lose her bearing and finds herself injured and drunk with no recollection of what has happened.

She takes the help of lies and deceit to find out what has happened and to find the solution to the problems in her life.

When she notices that Megan has disappeared, and is questioned by the cops because she has been noticed in the neighborhood, in a drunken state, she becomes more involved and tries to find out more about Megan. She finds out about Megan’s affairs and her search takes her to a therapist. She tries to seek his help in trying to recreate the events of her behavior while she is drunk – because she seems to have no recollection of her actions once she is sober. As she progresses, she realizes that it was her ex-husband who has been planting these in her mind and she is not insane.

What has happened to Megan and who is responsible for her disappearance is the mystery that must be heard to enjoy it to the fullest.

Enjoy this book on your next train journey. But be careful…..! LOL

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