Stay calm and Do Yoga


It is said, when anger tries to take over and reign between two or more people, they drift apart – the distance between them increases manifold. That kind of explains why people shout at the top of their voices when they are arguing or angry with each other? They are in the same room, yet they speak like they are sitting miles apart.

Often times, these scenes enact themselves in front of us in a domestic or a corporate background. Either way, anger is not good for anything. It has the power to destroy lives and words uttered in anger could end relationships and result in losses amounting to millions.

YOGA, an ancient old tradition, almost as old as the history of humankind has the potential to bring things back to normal. Does that mean, every time there is a confrontation or an argument, we should start practicing yoga? Well, why not. Yoga goes beyond just the physical level. Even while you are talking to your spouse, or friend or colleague, your mind could be in the middle of a meditating yoga session. Achieving such a high state of mind is rare and may need years of practice with Yoga and meditation. But, it is not impossible.

On the account of international Yoga day on June 21, 2018, we recommend a few books that you could listen to while you practice your morning yoga routine and meditate while listening to the chants and stories from the books about yoga. Strengthen your body and mind. Feed your soul the positive energies of yoga and see how it will pay off in the long-run.

BTW, here is a disclaimer. Practicing yoga will not stop arguments from happening in and around you. It will just make it a lot easier to focus the positive energy and not loose temper and start shouting at whoever we are upset with. It will help you deal with the situation in a calm and quiet manner thus avoiding disastrous consequences and irreversible damage to relationships.

Check out our section of audiobooks on yoga and strengthen your body and soul, anywhere, anytime.

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