Top Five Listens during the current FIFA world cup

If Internet websites and the statistics published there are to be trusted, Football (also known as Soccer) is the world’s most popular sport. Based on the sheer number of fan following, football beats the second most popular sport (cricket) by about 50% more followers. However, this post is not about cricket Vs. football.

Football world cup 2018 kicked off on June 15 and since then the fans of football have been having a party. With three amazing matches being played daily fans of football couldn’t have asked for more. Whether you have a favorite team or you watch it for the love of the sport, thrilling match moments and the edge of the seat excitement is a given.

What do you need to do to keep the football fever all through the day, even in between the matches? Most fans would advise you to find out more about each player from your favorite team. Or, keep a statistics record of the scores and get some cool compliments from friends for your knowledge about the sport. There are a number of resources that can help you get there and with mobile apps coming up especially for the world cup, each one seems to offer some feature that the other does not. In the rush of all these so called information resources, audiobooks are a great source of authentic content and information. They are based on actual books written by authors who are from the football field or have in their prime rocked the field. Even if the author never really kicked a ball in the field, we can rest assured that enough research has gone into the writing of that book. It will surely give you authentic information.

Keep the ball rolling. Check out these top five recommended listens and keep the football in your control:

  • For the love of Football by Johnny Morgan

  • How to watch Football by Ruud Gullit

  • A Woman’s guide to Football by Paula Duffy is a must have book for that girl who wants to impress her man with Football knowledge

  • The Football Ramble – this is a series of weekly podcasts by famous presenters on Sky Sports

  • The World’s Funniest Football Jokes – this is an ebook but it is a must read

Download as many books as you can and listen to them while you travel to work, exercise in the gym or simply relax in between the excitement of the matches. Elimination rounds begin soon and we are in for a great thriller in each clash – truly, the finale will be a Clash of the Titans.

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