Healthy Listening with best audiobooks on fitness, nutrition and more


When we are in the pink of  health and young and carefree, we are not very concerned about what we eat or drink and whether we exercise regularly and stay fit and active. Our body is taking care of itself in that sense. However as the 30’s become late 30’s and early 40’s we begin to give this a good deal of importance. If you are around the 40’s and are still not paying attention to your diet and spending some time of the day doing active exercise, you need to relook at the lifestyle that you are currently living and try to give a thought to the future health and life that wish to enjoy. If you wish to have a fit and healthy life, knowing what you eat and drink and how it affects your everyday energy levels will greatly help.

We have compiled a list of 10 good health, nutrition, and exercise audiobooks that you can listen to on your favorite Storytel app. These are not in any particular rating or order, but are all-important for having a good health and active lifestyle – something that all of us need to focus on:

  1. Healthy Eating Healthy World – By J. Morris Hicks and narrated by Mike Chamberlain: Listen to this audiobook to understand the change that we all can do in our eating habits that can make a difference in our health as well as promote good health for our planet. Educate yourself as you listen to this one, make better eating choices and share the knowledge amongst your friends and family.
  2. Happy, Healthy You – By KJ Landis, BS, ED, CPT, CFT and narrated by Ann Richardson: If you always struggle under the stress of to-do lists and carry a lot of emotional baggage that wears you down and is affecting your health, this audiobook can give you a hint or two on how to bring yourself out of the pits. Literally, use these instances as a springboard to becoming an authentic, vibrant and healthy individual.
  3. Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy – The Harvard Medical School Guide to Healthy Eating – By Walter C. Willett (MD) (DRPH) and narrated by William Hope: If data and studies backed by science and research is what you are looking for to convince you to eat the right types of food, this audiobook is a must for you to listen to. Using eye-opening research as the base, Dr. Willet explains the relations and importance of various food groups and supplements. The books also help you to choose different types of food to ensure
  4. New Health Rules: Simple Changes to Achieve Whole-Body Wellness – By Frank Lipman and narrated by Chris Andrew Ciulla: As they say, a good nights’ sleep is crucial to staying healthy and leading an active life. Listen to this book as it gives practical and actionable tips to get good rest, improve all aspects of our mind, body, and soul, leading to a healthier, stronger and happier life.
  5. Six-Point Plan for Raising Happy, Healthy Children – By John Rosemond and narrated by John Rosemond: This book is a game-changing guide to a guilt-free, exhaustion free and anger free way to raise happy, healthy children who can become responsible citizens of the future. Listen to the audiobook as we want you to hear it from the expert himself.
  6. Healthy Eating: Powerful Eating Habits That Will Keep You Healthy & Change Your Life – By Timothy Moore and narrated by Nick Dolle: This audiobook talks about healthy eating. We know that eating right helps us keep an active lifestyle and keep our weight in check, thus avoiding any issues related to obesity and high fat The book also helps us understand how certain foods can affect our sense of well being and moods as well. If we feel good, we stay healthy and eat even better.
  7. Natural Health, Natural Medicine – By Jesse Boggs, Andrew Weil (M.D.) and narrated by Jesse Boggs: Hear it from the expert. Andrew Weil the popular author on natural health and natural medicine provides tips and essential changes to habits to combat major illnesses and health issues that have threatened adults all over the world. For the first time, Storytel has brought this timeless wisdom in an audiobook format. This one is a must in your listen to list.
  8. Chakras: Beginners Guide to Awaken Your Internal Energy Through Chakra Meditation To Improve Your Health and Feel Great – By Michael J. Langer and narrated by Nick Dolle: Chakras and energy that resides in our body are known to cause the various ailments and illnesses that we experience. Listen to this audiobook to know what each of the seven chakras represents and how each chakra contributes to the vital life force called Prana or the invisible energy.
  9. Sugar Detox Diet: Ultimate 30-Day Meal Plan to Restore Your Health with Delicious Sugar-Free Recipes – By Samantha Adams and narrated by Rebecca Roberts: Many believe that staying off sugar in their diet will help eliminate the menacing disease called diabetes. While this is known to help in keeping the blood sugar levels under control, doing it the right way is essential to help our body recalibrate the taste buds and eliminate the sweet cravings that we dread so often.
  10. The Real Secret to Optimal Health – By Anthony Galea and narrated by Ljuba Bogdanovich: World famous sports and exercise medicine expert Anthony Galea has put forth his thoughts about how our body works and how the triple combination of spirituality, diet, and exercise can help turn back our age clocks by several years. Listen to this audiobook to understand how each of these work with the other two to help build the perfect working machine – our body.

These and many other books are now available on the Storytel app. You can download the same on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Read and listen to as many books as you like! Download books offline, listen to several books continuously – Storytel brings you the best book experience you’ve ever had.

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