The sound of music – the making of America’s favourite movie


I remember when I saw the movie ‘The Sound of ‘Music’ for the first time. My elder sis showed it to me as she was gradually noticing my inclination towards music. Little did I know then that a one time watch would turn into a million time watch for me later in life.

I was so enamoured by the music that I followed the then trending concept of the 90s, I bought a Lyric Booklet consisting of lyrics of all the hit songs of that era. I learnt all the songs word by word and I distinctly remember singing them all day long. ‘The Hills are alive’ and ‘Do re me’ still buzz in my heart & mind. And how can I ever forget the marvellous performances put in by everybody in the cast? Julie Andrews just became my favourite actress for years to come and she still is.

When I think about the song ‘Edelweiss’, it still gives me goosebumps. The way Christopher Plummer looked into the eyes of Julie Andrews and silently admitted his liking, it marked the onset of romance into my veins right then.

And then I came across this audiobook written by Julia Antopol Hirsch and narrated by Donna Postel… it brought back all those memories to me in a snap. The way Donna has narrated the sequence of events which led to the final materialisation of the movie, I was in awe by the end of it. To think that such a beautiful movie met up with so many challenges during the making was beyond my comprehension. But I have to say that making a labour of your heart reach the people’s hearts is a big task in itself and if it has reached despite the challenges, that means that the people were meant to receive it. Kudos to good music and a good story!

The Sound of Music – Audiobook

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