Tip of the Day: NO EXCUSES! The Power of Self Discipline

No excuses.png

My thoughts always go around the fact that what if my power of complaining gets exterminated overnight? What would happen if God takes away that crucial power of giving excuses for things I find difficult to pursue. Seems impossible to think of a stage like that but what the heck! We got to think about all sorts of possibilities in life.

Think about it, each one of us has wishes in life which we hope to pursue one day. But have any of us encountered that ‘one day’ in our lives? 96% of people will give a graceful ‘No’ as an answer to this and about 4% will feel proud to have given a straight ‘Yes’ to this question. You know who this 4 % is? I’m pretty sure this percentage has read Brian Tracy’s book – NO EXCUSES!

This audiobook, written & narrated by Brian Tracy himself, lists down all the possible options of creating that much-wanted self-discipline in life when it comes to family, health and career.

From being a mere labourer in early life to becoming a world-renowned motivational speaker, Brian achieved it all by just practising the one mantra he preached since the beginning, that is of ‘Self Discipline’. Brian gives the most effective tips on how to work on your goals and how to achieve them. One part that has remained etched out in my mind till date is the part about working out our goal structure in massive details. If we want something, we must figure out 10 different ways of achieving it. In the end, one of those ways will definitely find the light and activate the goal.

So now the word ‘Excuses’ has subtly walked out of my life to give way to various opportunities. Bravo Brian Tracy for proving that a little self-discipline can take us places.

– Ratna Saksena

No Excuses – Audiobook on Storytel

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