There’s something about abandoned spaces that you automatically start imagining a ghost lurking there. A forlorn space makes you feel creepy, there’s a certain heaviness in the air and you just can’t feel any normalcy in the surrounding. Well, I’ve always been very wary of spaces like these, like a building staircase where nobody goes, a deserted fort or a historical monument, or the crackling sound of a door to an empty house. In fact, empty houses are the scariest places of all.

What do you do when you’re left stranded in a huge house with just 2 kids for a company? Writer John Boyne is at his ghostly best in the audiobook ‘This House is Haunted’. I particularly listened to this one as Narrator Alison Larkin took me right into the story by her sheer voicing of various characters. The protagonist Eliza Caine just comes alive through the Narrator’s voice as all of her experiences are expressed at the creepiest best. The Narrator specifically lends a great eerie quality to the character tone of the older kid Isabella. I bummed out when I heard her the first time.

Very few ghost stories make an impact on your life and I’m proud to say this one has become one of my favourites in years to come. Clever, captivating and witty, This House is Haunted is pure entertainment with a catch.

– Ratna Saksena

THIS HOUSE IS HAUNTED – Audiobook – Listen Now!

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