Tip of the Day: THE FIX by David Baldacci

The Fix Audiobook

What is it about murder mysteries that puts us on the edge & keeps us hungry asking for more?

Well for one it’s that adrenaline rush of playing the guessing game. The murderer is always lurking in the shadows challenging us to guess his identity. And we solemnly accept the challenge and make it personal, as that’s the only thing which can wade us forward in a story.

David Baldacci is one man who excels in putting up an interesting plot and then planting enough questions in and around it. ‘The Fix’ came out last year and was the third book in the Amos Decker series. Baldacci’s creation of a deep thinking detective – Amos Decker has struck just the right chord with readers with his very humane character traits but then having a talent which is rare to find. He sees death in shades of blue. And then to top that, he has a condition of holding photographic memories of certain incidents. As a result, he diagnoses, deduces and interprets the kill site with avid eyes and brains.

Listening to this audiobook revealed many unexplored facets of the story which I hadn’t noticed while reading. Narrators Orlagh Cassidy & KYF Brewer enriched the experience even more. They brought alive the various characters embroiled in the mystery right from the killer’s family to the Investigators. The audio ran like a movie right before my eyes. My favourite part though was that the visuals were completely left to my imagination and boy did I do a great job of it. The Narrators made my job even easier.

It’s interesting when the Killer and the Victim are thrown at you right in the beginning of the story. You suddenly start digging into the whole trail of what led to that. ‘The Fix’ forces you to dig along with Amos Decker.

— By Ratna Saksena

Listen to the book here: The Fix Audiobook on Storytel

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