The Sixth Extinction

Are we closer to the sixth extinction?

Is it unfolding right before and eyes and we are watching is very closely and perhaps not that attentively? We are already living in a VUCA world and there is so much more to it that meets the eye.

As conscious beings, it is important we gather as much awareness as we can and play a proactive part in doing our bit.

‘The Sixth Extinction’ draws on the work of
– Scores of researchers in half a dozen disciplines–geologists who study deep ocean cores,

– Botanists who follow the tree line as it climbs up the Andes

-Marine biologists who dive off the Great Barrier Reef.

Elizabeth Kolbert, two-time winner of the National Magazine Award and New Yorker writer, accompanies many of these researchers into the field, and introduces you to a dozen species–some already gone, others facing extinction–that are being affected by the sixth extinction.

Through these stories, Kolbert provides a moving account of the disappearances occurring all around us and traces the evolution of extinction as concept, from its first articulation by Georges Cuvier in revolutionary Paris up through the present day.

The WINNER OF THE #PULITZER PRIZE, this title comes as a thoughtful #recommendation .

The sixth extinction is likely to be mankind’s most lasting legacy; as Kolbert observes, it compels us to rethink the fundamental question of what it means to be human.

#planetearth #environment #extinction

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